Five million in two years $$$

Centonomy Campus edition was one of the few things I attended this year , it really challenged me on how to manage and make money. The facilitator would always say that there is money to be made you just need to figure out how to get it: we did an assignment of making five million in two years and trust me its possible . During one of the classes we got to invite a plus one and I remember him asking himself what he has been doing with himself all his life. We challenged ourselves to at least try something when we resumed campus.

This weekend an opportunity came up, my friends( the plus one) and I decided to be entrepreneurs. We knew the product we wanted to sell but needed a plan. We sat down started crunching the numbers to gauge how much investment will be required and possible profit can be made, punching those numbers on the calculator I remember looking at the value and I had already bought things in my mind ( that blender I have been talking about) but someone advised us to aim to recover the investment before thinking of profit.We approximated the cost of the things we would need which ended up being a big mistake because some items were not available in the local supermarket and extra cost of going to town would have to be incurred( town is like 40 km from campus this village life ). In town the approximated cost was hiked for some items , the option of buying in bulk was not available needless to say we should have researched weeks earlier. The budget remained the same which was a good thing. Did I mention we thought we would be the only ones selling until like three days to the event when we discovered others had the same idea ( challenge was accepted ).

The weather had been terrible the whole week so when the sun was out on Saturday morning it gave a glimpse of hope . We set up our station and waited for customers. Some good friends were first in line buying ( very important),offering support and encouraging others to buy. The toughest part for me was the actual marketing, students are the hardest people to get to spend money and it is very hard to please everyone because of the different preferences. I am a very shy person so talking to people inviting them to our table to buy a drink was a challenge but I actually got some people to buy. There are some who wanted a free drink because your acquaintances or some even asked to taste before they buy among others requests.Three hours later we had sold everything and I remember thinking ,”I hope I am able to recover  investment “. The other team had their stand on the other end and you could see people hoping from our station to theirs. At the end of the day we managed to get some profit not enough to get me that blender I was hoping for but it was really good .

My overall experience was regardless of what business you start you have to be prepared to invest time and money,time is key for preparation and actually selling. I applaud all those people who walk around campus selling their product because I realized it’s not easy. To all my friends who have businesses I understand when you all say how you just want us to support your hustle instead of asking for a discount or for free. I was able to apply what I learnt in Centonomy and can affirm that there is money to be made out there.

Would I do it again? Yes I will, maybe add more products or just stick to the same one and improve on certain aspects.

Till my next post , ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.

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