Taking Stock

So my short holiday is over and its back to school life.I always have schedules and weekly planners but this holiday I just went with the flow. As a new month begins decided to look at what I achieved past month and what I can improve.

Thankful: for the gift of life and how far I have come despite the struggles I have gone through.

Improving: communication with others. I tend not to speak out a lot so I am working on  speaking up.
Drinking : Coffee ……I cannot survive a day without coffee.
Reading: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I love her books this is the third one I am reading. School work is kind of taking over so that is also in the reading list but I must say I had no idea how interesting irrigation engineering would be.
Eating:cookies …I have walked into the local bakery buying cupcakes, cake slices and brownies all week.
Playing: 2048 I reinstalled it on my phone no idea why but it kills boredom.
Wishing: I bought the shrimp when I was in the market to try out Kaluhi’s Kitchen recipe. when i have no idea what to cook I just open her page and look for a recipe.check her page out www.kaluhiskitchen.com
Enjoying: the sunshine ,it feels so good to wake up and the sun is out .
Wondering: what I will do with my hair. Don’t get me wrong I love my natural hair but I just want a break for a few weeks. I thought of braiding but don’t feel like sitting in the salon but I think I will try DIY braids.
Following: Natural hair bloggers because I am seriously looking for ideas on what to do with my hair.
Noticing: how much weight I have lost, whenever I go back to school I always lose weight I don’t know if it’s the walking or the workload.
Feeling: stressed work because school work is just piling up and the semester looks like it’s either going to be cut short due to lecturers strike or continue but with one month to get everything done.

Remembering: the eventful Mashujaa day and weekend I had with my friends . First time in a while I was not asleep by 10 pm.

Accepting: people come and go….the best will stay.

Till my next post , ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.

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