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I am one of those people who don’t know how to relax or whatever people refer to when they say they are relaxing. I am so fixated on a schedule that when things change I have no idea what to do. When I have any extra time I have to be do something even if its cleaning, cooking or doing my hair . This year I have been learning to give myself breaks and telling myself that its fine to just sit and listen to music but the hardest part has been trying not to feel guilty because I am not reading ( yes I feel guilty if I don’t read an engineering book in a day).

I started off by getting off social media if you really needed me a phone call or simple text will do( I did this for two weeks). It’s funny how after I got a chance to be in touch with myself I found out that you can survive without social media. I looked for more outdoor activities that I could take part in and  at this point is when I learnt how to braid my own hair. The atmosphere changed how I felt the change physically and mentally. So now I have discovered I can live without social media and visited new places but I used all this as a way to escape my Monday to Friday schedule before I have to get back to it.There were still so many things I had to figure out .

I came across an article on self-care where it was defined as; It means rewiring what you have until your everyday life isn’t something you need therapy to recover from. It is no longer choosing a life that looks good over a life that feels good. The statement answered the question I had been trying to find out which is I needed to have a schedule Monday to Sunday that would incorporate everything I wanted to do such that I would not need to take time off from my life.

The greatest advantage a twenty something year old has is time. Time to try new things, time to fail and get back up and time to create a life you will not want to escape from. Learn how to build yourself (not the career part but you as a person). It will depend entirely on you : it could be reading a novel,playing an instrument ,drawing ,playing a sport ,  trying out a new recipe or if you had a certain activity you loved and pushed away because of a number of excuses revive it.

The excuse I have always used for stopping some activities is time but I am working on changing that. Here are some of the activities I am trying to incorporate to create a life that feels good.

  1. Exercise. I started a while back but I am working on consistency because I tend to take a back seat when I am on holiday. I have been using Shaun T Insanity workout which is a very tough workout schedule but it has helped keeping me discipline.
  2. Reading a novel. Apart from reading my engineering books I am reading novels when I am on the bus or while waiting for someone.
  3. Improving my French. I did it in high school but the lack of practice is making me forget so I want to try by setting my devices to default language as French. Many people swear that you learn a language faster by doing this so I will see how it goes.

Till my next post , ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.

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  1. No.1 has been going smoothly for me; No. 2 is easier but i still feel like a child who just learnt how to walk soooo, it needs some major improvement all things considered; No.3…my oh my!!!! I am ashamed of myself. I think i need a study buddy, or another post expounding on some ideas

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