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Someone recently sent me an audio clip of Caroline Mutoko speaking about how you either make the time or lose it all together. I have looked for the clip to link it for you guys but I don’t know the title. ( If you have an idea of clip I am referring to comment down below and also check out her YouTube channel) She talks about how she lost some of her close friends and one of the things she remembers is they would always make plans but something would always come up.

It reminded me of how it is so easy to have a long thread of WhatsApp texts but if someone asks for fifteen minutes of your time there is always something better to do. In August one of my classmates passed away and it only started sinking in when the semester started and the person who always made me laugh early in the morning or always said it’s never that serious when work would pile up was not there. We would always talk about having lunch but that never happened. Before his accident we would occasionally chat ask how attachment is going nothing serious then suddenly he was no more.

There are so many applications that offer a platform to chat and share pictures; you can form groups of people with similar ideas etc. We are so addicted to all this apps, sometimes you can know a person’s life by just scrolling down their feed.So what happened to let us meet up ? I feel like it has reached a point where you communicate with people when you need something( fill this questionnaire, I am selling this….etc) all this is still via text.

In this day and age when people are suffering from depression , bullying among other demons they have to deal with, it is not enough to send a hey, how are you text and reply is I am fine. You might have a circle of friends but  there is always that point in life when everyone is busy with their life but take time to say let us meet up. It does not have to be fancy ,you can invite them to your place cook  have some tea but have a conversation find out how life is . The worst thing that can happen is finding out that someone you were close to was battling so much and maybe a fifteen minute walk or a lunch date would have made a difference.

Java Eldoret finally opened and we had to try it out.

My first 2018 resolution( Is it too early to have resolutions?) is having more one on one conversations. I am challenging myself to engage more which will be so hard because I am an introvert but I will make the effort. I hope you will also include it in your list and that the text you will be sending after reading this post is let’s meet up.

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Till my next post , ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.


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