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The education system in Kenya especially universities has been rough this year with the strikes that have been going on which means there has been a lot of idle time. Personally I get so disoriented because I have to figure out what to do. The recent strike  started end of October ,I was hopeful it would end and I just continued catching up with books and everything but when the third week of November reached and the strike was still on I ran out of patience and hope. There was very little I could do because I was losing psych to even keep up with my studies .At this point I just want to finish, December has started and nothing, so what have I been up to? Well, there is something called course work so that has kept me busy and the blog .

I have friends who have been in campus for a long period because of extended holidays such that when things like strikes happen they are not bothered .Some reached point of quitting because they were making enough money.  I dodged that bullet but this break has at least allowed me to work on things at my own pace. So I really wanted you to understand how it feels to have such holidays because some of you in public universities might have been affected  and a friend of mine was willing to share how she remained busy and even started a business. I am not saying you start a business but take advantage and explore.It can be as simple as learning how to ride a bike. (Can you believe I don’t know how to ride a bicycle )

So below is the feature .I hope you learn a thing or two and also support her business by ordering a few cakes this festive season.

Q. Briefly tell us about yourself

I am Lynn Makachia, Fourth year student in Moi university taking Communication and Journalism.Above all I am born again and I am a passionate baker.

Q.So how long have your holidays been since you started campus?

Counting all of them in total, since my first year, I have had a total of 20 months of holiday, that is one year eight months.Hopefully that is the end of the holidays.

Q.How did you keep yourself busy during those holidays?

In my first year holiday, I didn’t do much.I tried getting internships her and there but it was all in vain. I resorted to relaxing  at home and waiting for school to resume. During my second year holiday,I ventured into a small business of selling second-hand clothes.It was profitable as it would cater for all my needs back then, I didn’t struggle as such and I was busy.My third year holiday was explosive,I ventured into baking commercially, this time building my clientage in Nairobi. Business grew exponentially and it was interesting.I learnt so much to do with baking, cakes, events….. It was amazing.

Q.Was there a point you got frustrated by the prolonged holidays?

Yes.Many times actually.There was a point I even thought that school can stay aside, because we were being taken  through so much time wasting and here I was building something that was solid and I enjoyed more than anything in the  world.I thought I am doing the degree to be able to earn a living but if I can earn a living baking,what’s the point of  struggling to get a degree?Sense finally came to me later on,I didn’t quit on the degree.

Q.Do you feel the holiday gave you time to explore other things?

Most definitely. From the school internship, I learnt my strengths, weaknesses and preferences when it came to my course. I knew the direction I wanted to take career wise which was something a bit different from the degree course I am  taking.Other than that,I got time to explore the baking world. I went to forums,engaged in talks that pertained baking and  the business of baking.I became a sharper entrepreneur, armed with more knowledge and wisdom from those who have   been in the industry for longer,I felt ready to venture into business full time.I also took a financial management course.That was new. I was always a spendthrift so this course definitely helped me. Without these long holidays, I wouldn’t have  done much.

Q.You have a cake business ,tell us more.

Lynn’s Bakes that is the name it was birthed from a place of passion and desire to bring a difference in the cake world.Many people bake, but I had never found a cake that is spectacular for the average Kenyan pocket.Baking had always been something I wanted to do, but I didn’t have finances to cater for the course offered around town by then.YouTube became my friend, google my brother.I researched,read a lot and baked even more.Within no time I started baking commercially after people loved my products and kept ordering for more.I make cakes for different occasions and would like to eventually be a household name in the cake business in Kenya.

Q.Any advice for people who might have the long breaks like you?

Find what you love and go for it. Once you know what makes you tick then nothing is impossible. Do not let your minds be idle because it is true, idle minds are the devils workshop. Find what you’re good at and excel .

Last remarks, comments.

Nothing is impossible in the world. Trust in the paths that the Lord lays out for you and live to your maximum potential. If   you don’t live your life as God has purposed for you, no one will live it. It is your life. So shine. Do what makes you happy ☺ There is no shame in asking. If you do not know,ask. Go find experts in your field of interest and ask. No candle loses light   by lighting another so in turn also be helpful to those who come to ask you.

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Till my next post, ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.

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