Who are engineering ladies dating?

It has been five years in campus and I have seen every kind of relationship or dynamics that happen. I remember having a conversation with family friend just before I joined campus and she was telling me her experience in the University of Nairobi ; how girls would wash clothes for their boyfriends while they were in class and it was a surprise that it still happens. Anyway there were very many stories I heard before I joined university some were true others were so exaggerated. My grandma even told me right before I left for campus that it’s OK to have a boyfriend but don’t let him cheat you( my grandma said that).

In first year my roommate was a fourth year, she was like a big sister. If I was not in the room ,I was with her and I guess the fact that she had been in campus for a long while people were really scared of her and it happened to be advantageous for me at the time. Honestly, the engineering schedule is very hectic and I did not understand how people managed to find time to be in a relationship. I would see fifth years dating their classmates or other students ( people used to say there is no work in fifth year but they all lied) there was a pair that actually got married. So how did they juggle all that?

Sometimes a lecturer would walk into class and comment how guys in engineering would go to other schools( social sciences,human resource , information science etc.) to look for girls and his question was why leave the ones in your school? I already mentioned statistics of ratios of boys to girls in a class and let us just say it is not equal. Who are engineering ladies dating?

I did a survey took a sample of the population and asked a few questions. The sample consisted of guys doing engineering who are currently in relationships and some were single. Majority of the guys would date a girl doing engineering either in same department/class or a different department/class while the minority feel it would be boring because they would both be busy doing assignments and reading. Age is not a factor most of them care about. Most of them expect the cliché things from their girlfriends; loyalty,faithfulness,intelligence etc. these should also be adhered to by the guys.The final question was do campus relationships work? The response to this was almost unanimous and that was yes they can and people should stop referring to them as campus relationships. Most of the felt that there is usually an intention when you start dating someone and if both parties work on the relationship it can work.

The other group included guys studying different courses and are in a relationship with an engineering lady. It was so hard to find even five guys . I do not know whether they feel intimidated or  the hectic schedule she might have would not suit them. I only had one participant and this guy’s description was just goals . The main question was how do you find time to spend with each other? He said that the only way it works is by respecting each others time , do not have expectations that you know cannot be met but utilize the rare moments get to spend together. She always finds ways to squeeze time in between the week and he admires that about her. The question as to whether campus relationships work he said that if both parties are committed and decide to face the future together it can work. He has been in a relationship with his girl for 3+ years ( there is hope people ).

Engineering ladies are mysterious I will not lie but most of them are either dating guys doing engineering ,long distance relationships or single. I guess guys need to tell us why the have not discovered this and if they have what is not happening? I learnt that most guys actually believe that if there is an intention and a goal for the relationship it can work.

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Till my next post, ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.

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