Year of Opportunities

The year is finally coming to an end and I must say I kind of have mixed feelings about it. As I was looking past this year I just realized that majority of it was spent outside the normal school setting and I was put in situations where I had to adapt. It’s one thing to reflect on one’s journey but I think we should look beyond that like the people around us, the places we live in , the country you are located in etc. There are three events that I can say have had a significance this past year;

Beginning my final year. It sounds like I just want to finish but I was anxious when I started my fifth year and I still am. It symbolizes that I am about to take the next step in life and close the chapter in another. I have only been in fifth year let us say for two months and the pressure for me just keeps building up. I am learning to take it a day at a time.

Working in Naivasha. The three months I worked there exposed me to different aspects in life. The job description was to construct roads and drainage works for the various settlements but interacting with the people who live there seeing how the project was going to impact their lives meant that it was not just about improving infrastructure but making the life of another more comfortable. Honestly, it made me think of community developments and the various projects I would be able to join to improve lives of others . It can be as simple as setting up a well ,rainwater harvesting techniques or even irrigation efficiency but being able to better lives of others is one aspect I plan to continue in the coming year.

Starting the blog. I don’t think I mentioned I had a blog when I was in first year then I suddenly stopped and deleted it. Writing is therapeutic to me, it calms me down and allows me to express myself in a different way. I remember when I started it in October , I knew what niche I wanted to focus on and which days I would set aside to write but something always held me back. One day I just called a friend of mine and told him I want to get a domain and started researching on web design and all related topics. Three months down the line , thirteen posts later I still get excited when I start writing. There is so much more content I have lined up for the coming weeks so I hope you have subscribed because I am so excited to share them with you.

The biggest lessons I have learnt is that not everyone wishes you well. I know it’s sad but reality, even when you try to have a positive outlook . I think it never really occurred to me because I keep a really close circle and don’t involve myself in other people’s business . Overall you cannot please everyone but being at peace with yourself is more important. I usually say if I can go to bed knowing I did my best for the day I will try do better tomorrow then I am good. I also learnt that faith can remove you from situations you would never imagine you can overcome. In my prayer I say ‘”God , I have dreams ,goals and ambitions but I am choosing your path for my life……” every time things take a different turn I always remember these words and know that I can overcome. I also came to accept that I can have three different schedules and there will still be distractions or circumstances that happen and it is OK , it does not have to stress me out.

My biggest struggle is letting go. There are certain experiences that I have had and despite it being five months later I will still tear up when I think about it. In terms of healing I still have a long way to go and it is a work in progress. I am also working on being patient. I work really fast and sometimes if it is not reciprocated I get so frustrated to the extent where it becomes stressful for me but the other person is still relaxed. I am also very bad at one on one conversations if I can avoid one I will but if it is necessary I can do it therefore I have a lot to work on.

Hopes for the coming year. I believe what you speak in your life comes to be . 2018 will be the year of opportunities .I have this feeling in my gut that life will throw me in the deep end with the sharks and still tell me that I can do it . I think it will be a good learning experience for me. I also want to help others through mentorship ; in the last few months I have met high school students who would ask; Is engineering easy ?Will I have time to have fun?Which courses have no lectures? I want to go to University of Nairobi because it is in town or most of them know what they don’t want in life but still have not figured out what they want and I feel like even those of us who are in campus still need mentors because you might have the vision and still need direction. It is a project I feel needs to be done because the education system does not concentrate much on this and maybe some of us can have a 10 minute conversation with students and it will shape there future. We all have siblings, cousins or family friends who might be in that stage in life so try to spare a few minutes to know where their head is at, you might not be a professional but there is that one experience you wish if someone told you things would be different. Those of us who are still in campus or have just cleared I am trying to engage different people who are open to mentorship in different fields. I will repeat there is so much more I will be sharing on the site so subscribe.

I am grateful for the gift of life and health , the support system that I have around me , the journey my life has taken me through and also all the people who take time to read the short posts that I write. I cannot take that for granted and always hope that it makes someones day better after reading or enlightens them on a certain subject.

I will take this time to encourage you to look back on the year you have had and plan for the year ahead . I hope you will start the year with a glimpse of hope for something you have been wishing for. Happy New Year!!!!

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Till my next post, ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.

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  1. It’s not too late to subscribe but I’ve a feeling it’s too late to say Happy New Year but I’ll say it anyway because I can. Happy New Year

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