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Kenyans can complain about anything and I am one of them but I am trying to be better than that and make a difference. I generally complain about the services I get in public institutions especially in school. Our accountant can show up at work at  9 am and serve five people and say it is time for tea break and disappear for another half hour leaving a queue of students waiting to be served. This example is just one of the many things I complain about. If you think about it the services are being offered by people like you and me , so what if we all decided to do something better than we usually do ? This world would be a better place.

Let us begin with the Standard Gauge Railway( I mentioned it in Vacation post and did not expound then so here goes) it was a really good idea but I feel like the execution was not what everyone expected. The main aim was to provide affordable transport to the coast and just the other day it did its first cargo round.  I cannot say I had expected much when I heard we were going to use the SGR to coast because we were a little late to the party and there were so many YouTube videos and reviews online but when I heard phase two was commencing I felt like phase one should be analyzed and identification of what could be done better.

Here are my thoughts on the same; there is no waiting area before the first check is done. We arrived two hours early and to our surprise the was nowhere to sit and wait unless you are to seat where bags will be laid for the first check. The guards lacked proper communication skills; first of all they have to deal with a crowd of people and it was like they were not in sync with what was to happen hence they kept giving contradicting instructions and shouting at passengers. Considerations should have been taken when designing the terminus especially in terms of facilities; there were a lot of stairs and people had to carry up suitcases. The lifts were there but there was always a guard barring people for using it and then there is the escalator which I find very dangerous because most people were traveling with children so they are trying to hold onto their bags, hold your child’s hand and also be alert ,it definitely caused confusion once most people reached down. So why didn’t anyone think of placing a belt to move luggage? If they did what pros and cons were listed ? The last one is the cost ; Am I the only one who was not aware that ‘child’ refers to anyone below age of 11? Yes, anyone above that pays adult fee. The purpose was to reduce the cost of travel but it is still to steep.This project is to be run by the Chinese for the next five years.There is a huge debt that Kenyans have to pay in form of taxes and Kenyans should ask for better services. Phase two has already started and we saw a section of it collapse and the information given was investigations are ongoing but have we gotten the full details and how it will be avoided again because from a civil engineers perspective if strong winds caused the collapse then was wind load not accounted for in the design and if it was what anomaly would cause it and what changed should be done in the design? The workers have also put down their tools demanding for better pay. We need to be asking questions.

I am those people who go to the country side once a year and could not help but notice the road from the junction of the Northern Bypass and Kisumu -Kakamega highway is still under construction. I don’t know whether it was being done in phases but there is a specific section that has been forgotten for lack of a better term for almost two years. When it comes to such contracts there is what is referred to conditions of contract and the time of completion should be indicated. I don’t live around there but for the people who do, the progress of the work will affect businesses and transportation system. When was project supposed to be completed? If it has passed the date what are the reasons and steps that have been taken to keep the project in check? I can tell you that the longer a project is delayed there is someone benefiting somewhere.

Customer Service. I think Kenya has worst customer service regardless of what industry it is. I remember there was a week I was in and out of offices, businesses and organizations and could not help but wonder does the person at the top have any idea the about the person who receives visitors and potential clients because some guys would have been fired a long time ago. I think at the beginning of December last year There was an advertisement from Sheth Naturals on the online platform about how they would invade Earthnique stores and have discounts, consultations etc. The event was hyped up and I called a friend ,we purposed to attend. I remember when we arrived there was no one then we went ahead to ask about discounts and the rest . Overall the execution was a disappointment but we met this amazing lady Maureen who took time to listen to our views , she also gave us consultations and at least I did not feel wasted for showing up. ( Sheth Naturals products are amazing for skin and hair) If someone else handled the situation differently and brushed us off trust me I would not be buying the products . I think in such an industry if you do not allow your customer to ask questions however obvious it is can determine whether they will come back and word spreads easily.

I didn’t know how to categorize this but I thought I would share as it might help influencers out there. I know I am not the only one who follows a few people online and would want to meet them so imagine my surprise when Ijeoma Kola announced she was having a meet and greet in Kenya. I invited a friend and we went for the event. I think I didn’t have a lot of expectations apart from meeting her but what surprised me the most is that she took time to talk to each and every guest she received. She gave me advice on blogging and how to improve myself.I was in awe by how she handled the event , I had a conversation with her. It was a little disappointing though that the Kenyan bloggers there did not make the same effort considering this was their turf but ooh well.

Let’s look at ourselves as individuals; do I do my work to the best of my ability? In every situation do I give it 100% ?The simplest tasks such as spreading the bed in the morning or being honest when you write your time in at work.You cannot expect what you do not give and as Kenyans there is a lot we can do better. The saying ‘African Timers’ is that the excuse you give when you are late? Are you accountable for what you do? If there is one thing I don’t like it is excuses , I would rather you say I didn’t do it than say I didn’t do it because…. There are circumstances where it does apply but when it is habitual it is not acceptable. My challenge to you is start with the small things; do the dishes well, clean up your room , show up to work on time, do your work to the best of your ability because doing better has to start from somewhere.I believe if everyone makes a small change it will reflect on other things.

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Till my next post, ” Life is tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett Henry.





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