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Hey, I hope you have had a good week.

So today I thought we would talk about fear. As you already know I started listening to TED talks this week and I am learning so much. The one thing I noticed in most of them is how most of the speakers highlighted the fact that fear was always holding them back. One of the speakers talked about she would do the things she feared like sky diving for example and as she did it, she was thinking how crazy she was but it slowly removed that element of fear.

What is fear? Fear is a response to an immediate (real or perceived) threat. I will also include anxiety and worry. Anxiety is the response to a possibility and worry is when you choose to stay is a place of unease. Can you experience all three at the same time? I am not sure.

There are number of things you can fear. I am afraid of dogs, big or small I just don’t like them. You can also fear possibilities like rejection, failure etc. The perception can hold you back from doing so much , let me give an example; you do not apply for a competition because you do not think you will win or they will not accept whatever you hand in or you don’t speak out because you’re afraid of the response. I have read so many quotes that talk about how to get past this stage. Some people will tell you to just do it others will say what is the worst that can happen?

I came across an article that talked about instead of writing your strengths, write down your fears and conquer them one by one. When I thought about it just being able to identify what is holding you back already is a win because denial is real. You then find ways to get rid of that fear, it might include hitting the send button to certain emails or texts or going for an adventure like the sky diving (haha). Once you find a way to get passed it things get better.

I feel like I am speaking to myself because I have been in denial concerning a number of things. Remember how I said that lecturers will be harassing us left, right and centre. Well, it is happening and at first I was alright but the constant reminder that two weeks are left to my finals made me go crazy and fear set in. So many questions were going through my mind Can I handle it? , Will I be ready before then? I had so many scenarios in my mind that my body at some point shut down completely. I tried opening a book nothing, doing assignments nothing. It was so frustrating that I just decided to rest. (I rarely take breaks because I get more anxious) Guess what?  It actually helped and the next day I could not believe how a few perceptions were almost going to make me feel like the world is over because I was ok I would do my studies and realize I am not badly off as I have been thinking. I know I have a long way to deal with anxiety and worry but the first lesson it has taught me is I have to learn to give myself a break.

I am not sure what is currently making you anxious but I hope that once you acknowledge the issue, it will not hold you back. Try writing down your fear and crossing them out once you get that mentality out of your mind.

This was week one of workout like I had mentioned and it was tough. Day one I sat on the floor for fifteen minutes after the workout and was asleep by 8:30 pm. I have gotten better though.

Till my next post.

Just do it!  What is the worst that can happen?


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