It’s a love-hate relationship

My first post was about projects and preparation for it but I have never spoken about it since then. Well, it has been a love hate relationship with it but I am falling in love with it again. So what happened?

I am trying to remember where it all started, I was obsessed with my project, the first few weeks all the tabs on my phone were on the topic. I feel like nobody ever talks about what happens after a topic gets approved. So here goes, the topic gets approved and you get assigned a supervisor. What kind of relationship do you have with your supervisor? You might get one that has never taught you before so you start out as strangers and become ‘friends’. If you get one that has taught you I don’t know if it becomes a pick up where we left off kind of thing. The awkward introduction phase ends and it’s time for a work relationship.

I have struggled with the work relationship. You send an email and the reply takes so long, the first thing that always popped up in my mind was I have done something wrong. I would be anxious until the day I got a reply. I understand that they have other things to work on but I had to find a way to just remain calm while waiting patiently. I remember trying to console myself after listening to Caroline Mutoko explaining that our generation loves constant feedback and I felt like maybe I am not the only one who works that way.

The other aspect was that I had to redefine the meaning of progress. I put so much pressure on myself sometimes because progress for me was having cast cubes curing. As long as I knew the cubes are not curing I had not made any progress. I was neglecting the small aspects of writing the proposals, the constant editing even looking for materials because all that was part of progress.

I have currently rekindled my love for my project and redefining progress has made things much simpler for me. Did you ever have such struggles? How did you overcome them?

I hope you week is fairing on well.


The girl with the red lipstick.

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