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As I was reading online I came across a topic on entrepreneurship and the persons advice was you do not have to go for a class to learn what you need to do but you need to look for a person who has been there .I totally agree with that statement because learning from a person who has experience is not theory anymore but practical. Companies like Safaricom in Kenya have had summits and invite speakers to encourage and motivate youth which is a great initiative but having that mentor who you interact with on a personal level and can send a text and say I am stuck is what I am asking about.

A while back I was having a conversation with my aunt and she mentioned how her first boss was her mentor. She would suggest other positions that she would fit into and push her to apply and go for interviews. Even when she doubted herself her mentor always had faith in her. She actually got the job her mentor pushed her to go for. Do you have such a person in your life? We all have people who we look up to but do we have someone to guide us to reach that place?

The current generation is referred to as the microwave generation (they want things to be instant). Some people say that the millennials have no work ethic, they do not know what hard work is and like shortcuts. Is the older generation willing to mentor the young? Are the people who have succeeded willing to talk to those who are just starting out? How do you reach out to such people?

When I read ‘’ I ‘m too pretty to be broke and other lies you have been telling yourself” by Joan Thatiah , one of the points I picked up was that career start does not have to be miserable. Personally I need a career mentor, I like structures but my interest is slowly leaning towards water related projects so how do I deal with that?

What is your take on having a career mentor? Do you have one?

I hope your week is going great.


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