I have been living a lie

Hey guys it has been a while…It is March already so what happened in February? Honestly I was a prisoner to time. I celebrated my birthday on 1st of February and after that school work just overwhelmed to the point like I had no idea what was happening in the world. So here are some highlights of the month.

Personal growth: I realized I have been living a lie. You know how at the end of the day you take time to relax I don’t do that or rather I was doing it wrong. Basically my form of relaxation was doing chores( ikr…chores really) and one of my friends challenged me to take three hours out of my normal schedule and find a different activity. For a person whose mind is always on the go three hours looked like eternity but once I started taking that time off I noticed a difference even in my energy. It has not been a strict three hours maybe two and half but I am trying. I chose to have conversations with people which has given me an opportunity to meet new people and realize we all have something to offer.

Leadership: This topic needs a whole post because I can rant about it in more than 1000 words. It has been an experience for me, I have learnt to work with people in authority and negotiate. I have learnt that you cannot please everyone and there are some difficult people in your life who show you exactly who you don’t want to be. I also have the opportunity to seat in a legislative council which comes up with ideas to enforce or make the school of engineering and it continues to challenge me.

Project: I think it was explained in the first post of the mjengo series. It is still a work in progress. I hope you have read the two guest posts. I was amazed when I first read them, I remember joking that they want to steal my readers from me. It has also given me a chance to understand some of the problems that are currently facing our country and a general view on what other fields work on in general. Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Minaywa.com: It has given me a chance to interact with new people, help some people out and encourage others. I had been feeling so guilty that I did not put up two posts a week but the feedback eased all that. To all those people who meet me on the road and tell me what they think and also give ideas of what I should consider thank you so much. The people who now call me the girl in the red lipstick when I am running to class continue making me feel like I am doing something.

Generally I can feel like I am out of the comfort zone if you read my post on the year of opportunities when I said life will throw me in the deep end I am already there. What am I planning for the new month? I want to improve on the skills and habits that I have been trying to enforce. It all starts with French, I want to remind myself what I had learnt and practise speaking. The three hours a day off is also something I want to make a habit and I need to finish Americanah. I am so happy that exams are over because the first two months were full of deadlines and assignments and I am ready to go back to making pancakes on Saturday morning and trying out new recipes.

Happy New Month.


The girl with the red lipstick.

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  1. Did you really have to mention pancakes and morning in one sentence on such a chilly morning. Now I’m hungry.

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