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Hey, tomorrow is International Women’s Day. The official UN theme for 2018 is Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives. I decide to do a post in honour of women’s day and my first thought was the women in my life. I was listening to a Caroline Mutoko video and she was explaining how the narrative around women does not allow them to be anything but awesome. For young women like me there is no break because there are so many other women to look up to.

My grandmother, mother and her sisters are the people who I have always looked up to and copied sometimes( haha). I literally have no excuse because I have seen them work hard for what they have, they have shared the struggles they have had to go through and their exemplary work ethics.

My grandma surprises me because she is always on the go and up to date. I remember when I cleared high school and she told me she wanted me to be an aeronautical engineer but I told her I want civil engineering and she did all the research to find out what it is about and how she can help me. Now that I am almost finishing the question is what I will specialize in? Being a first-born like me I have seen her take charge in so many things but her involvement in community work always challenges me because we have to remember to give back however you can.

My mother is also a first-born (see the trend). I have seen her build her career and always wanting the best for her daughters. It has not been a perfect relationship but I am always running back to her. The one thing I am grateful for is she has never told me that I cannot do something because I am a girl. I know they are so many activities I tried out when I was younger some of which I just moved on from but even when I wanted to try another one out she never said no( finding what you like is hard people). I remember when I started trying out recipes and I would look for the Chinese ones. I would ask her to buy ingredients so that I can try them out and she did. There was this one recipe for apple chicken salad which I tried that whole week she would text me to prep it for her to carry it for lunch the next day (might as well take advantage of the skill). I learnt how to keep time because of her and she has enrolled me in so many courses I had no idea about that have come in handy.

Now let us talk about my aunts, they are my cheering squad and the best. My aunt knows every post in this website she can narrate it better than me. During my high school graduation  people were not cheering at all just clapping  but when I was called on stage my aunt did not hold back(haha) and other parents started cheering their children( talk about being a trend setter).They have attended majority of school activities (A dedicated cheering squad). We once had a conversation about their first jobs and if you think you will leave campus and have a salary of 80000 shillings you need to come back to earth, I am not saying it is not possible but you have to work it might include working without pay for a few months, volunteer work or even moving to places you would consider remote. The positions they held at that point in their life I cannot believe they survived because they had to make so many sacrifices. I also learnt that not everything is a competition, you have to learn to cheer each other on and pick each other up sometimes.

The perks of having so many women around me is the hand me downs.My hopes for women is that we learn how to lift each other up because we can all be awesome.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them .May we raise them.”


Happy International Women’s Day.


The girl in the red lipstick.

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