Looking for an internship,attachment or Job? I have something for you

It is that time of the year when most companies are having their recruitment program for the year. Are you looking for attachment, internship or a job? How do you go about finding one? With the current rate of unemployment even those positions being offered will not be enough for everyone. There is so much that goes into looking for any of the three options , sometimes you will get depressed because nothing will seem to be working out and sometimes you will have to make sacrifices.

Before I give you a few links to check out if you are searching let me tell you a few things I have learnt and I am still learning as I look for opportunities;

  • It can get frustrating. You might send application letters to so many companies and still not get a response.
  • You have to get out of your comfort zone. Not all the opportunities are found in the big city in this case Nairobi. You might have to stop limiting yourself to the city and consider other counties because if you think about Nairobi has developed enough but other counties are growing and guess what opportunities are opening on that end.
  • You have to be up to date. Current affairs will have to be something you are keeping up with because it will give you insight on what is going on, future projects and development strategies then you can place yourself somewhere.
  • Have a clear goal of what you want. If it is attachment you want to acquire skill and field experience, internships the same but there is always the hope you will eventually get employed.
  • There will be sacrifices. I have met so many people who told me that they were not paid when they got their first jobs or they had to do volunteer work to just experience first and build from there. I read a post on another blog kimanisworld just read his experience.

Where are the opportunities? Do you just google vacancies or flip through the newspaper? I learnt during my Centonomy classes that your next opportunity is likely to come from a stranger (yes a stranger). Only 20% of job vacancies are advertised so where is the 80%? Networking is an important skill. This past week I have seen a number of adverts and thought I would share now that I am also looking (haha).

  • KPMG East Africa and PwC Kenya are having their 2018 graduate recruitment program. I don’t have details but you can get it from their respective websites.
  • Kenya Pipeline Management Trainee Program 2018 which is looking for people from various fields such as engineering, legal communication, marketing and ICT among others. This one was advertised in January not sure if they closed it but check their website for details.
  • Internship programs depend mostly on which company you were interested in and it’s hard to filter from a google search so I usually opt to go to specific company sites and get details from there. The County of Uasin Gishu is having internship program for anyone with a diploma, certificate or degree. There are about 650 positions but I don’t know if they have started recruitment.
  • Those looking for attachment, the opportunities are there especially in public institutions but it works on first come first serve basis and you also have to meet the deadline for application. It depends on your field, identify which sector you want and look for the requirements. Companies like Kenya National Highway Authority and Kenya Urban Roads Authority have projects everywhere so don’t be shocked if they tell you to go to Nakuru. Tip for civil engineers look for contractors that is where you will gain the most skill.
  • If you are also interested in conferences and workshops or even scholarships sites like opportunitiesforafricans.com and youthop.com have a number of them though sometimes the eligibility requirements are far-fetched but you can find something even for exposure purposes.

I really hope I have helped you or just given you insight on something and also that opportunity can open up for you. Last point, so I read this somewhere ……Your first degree should open doors not limit opportunities.


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