Always on the go.

Hello April. The first three months have gone by so quickly. Mine has been so confusing because I have had episodes of pressure then it is released and the pressure is back on. I feel like I am so over it right now (haha) and basically taking it a day at a time.I finished exams and lecturers went on strike (public university people where are you)  at first I was secretly happy I get like a mini holiday then we can go back to work but it is one month later and I am frustrated but at the same time enjoying having the flexibility and being able to manage my own time. ( too many mixed feelings) For those of you who are in the same situation, how are you keeping yourself busy?

Exams ended and I gave myself a week off. I was like girl you need to chill, I thought it was going to be easy but I cannot be idle, it only worked when I had company and I was not in my house but either way it was a week off books and normal routine. After the break I had coursework to work on which I did every single day for the next two weeks ….it was a vicious cycle and when I was done I woke up the next day and did not know what to do with my time. You guys I cleaned my house even the tiles in the bathroom were scrubbed, my friend just laughed at me because I had said I would do nothing and ended up working the whole day. I had not been watching series for two months and when I started watching again I was getting bored. ( I need help at this point)

After it was done I continued working on the  project, it has been hard for a person like me who weighs  roughly the same as a bag of cement. (How many people know the weight of a bag of cement?) When the lab session ends I usually go to sleep, so having this time is saving me because if I was to juggle labs and classes I would be a wreck. Have you noticed that after one thing is complete it’s always onto the next one for me?

Apart from school work, I have been trying outdoor activities such as nature walks. I used to do this every weekend a few years back but I am trying to bring it back but I know it will not last when classes resume but for now a 10km walk with good company is definitely worth it. This weekend I attempted to learn how to ride a bike, I still have a long way to go. I have also interacted with new people and trying more one on one conversations because just hearing a hearty laugh is way better than laughing emoji.

There is so much that is work in progress but hey it all starts with baby steps.Honestly I  need to find a way to enjoy this holiday before it is cut short otherwise it will be like they never left. This might be the only time I get to decide what to do and when to do it. I feel like it should also be a time to find a way to juggle different aspects of life.  I am always rushing to get everything done but maybe it is time to take it a day at a time. I hope you had a Good Easter holiday and are ready for this new month.


The girl with the red lipstick.

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