Where did my money go?

One thing you have to learn when you are adulting is budgeting and living within your means. I don’t know about you but if I fail to budget I might end up spending more and unable to account for every cent. I have heard people talk about how students have money but are sometimes the hardest people to exploit. Most students have different avenues they get money from like parents, HELB and side hustles but at some point it all disappears.

One of my lecturers mentioned the explanation his son gave him about where the money goes which was at the beginning of the semester students eat chicken as the semester progresses they eat eggs and by the time it’s over they eat like chicken( basically veggies).Most of the money goes into social activities: Friday night out and road trips.

I really do not know if everyone budgets or how people manage their money in campus but what I do know is we all survive. Personally I take care of basics first: rent, food and electricity. Once those are taken care of I know that worse comes to worst I have a roof over my head and food to eat. Some people spend half of what they get and save the other half, others find a way to balance it out.

One of the things I have come to appreciate is once you understand wants and needs you will be able to manage what you have. It is ok to want to go out every now and then but plan for it. However, I have noticed that when there is so much idle time you spend so much money.  I will take March for example, it was a month where there have been no classes’ people are idle: watching movies, sleep, eat repeat. People have spontaneous outings and because of boredom you join in or an event comes up and everyone is going. (Peer pressure never ends) I was a victim to some of those and will definitely be wiser this month.

I know a number of people who are working on their side hustle and making it work for them. This being the final year for majority of the people around me everyone is thinking of how they can be financially independent before leaving campus. Online jobs are currently trending because you can work from anywhere and some also depend on how fast you complete your tasks. Savings can go a long way especially during rainy days. I remember when we did a simple exercise and if you save 3000 every month that is 12000 at the end of a semester (4 months) and 24000 in a school year. If you started this in first year and are in fourth year now it would be 96000 and if you were investing it could be even more. If only I could go back to first year but it is never too late to start.

Learning how to manage money is a process but managing the little you have will help when you get more. How do remain money conscious?


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