It is about getting justice.

I wanted to avoid the whole topic of sexual and gender based violence but with all the end rape culture movements on social media and women marching against sexual harassment worldwide I just had to say something. I am not sure if it is a worldwide thing but America has dubbed April Sexual Assault Awareness month. So when did we lose our humanity? When did it become a norm to have rape stories in the headlines? When did we decide that we crucify anyone who decides to tell their story?

The first point I would like to put out there is that when people decide to come out and report their story it’s not about getting pity but about getting justice. We have reached a point where any situation can make you insecure, even that person you might have met in a social setting and thought looks decent but has other demons you do not know about. Rapists and other predators don’t have a certain look or dress in a certain way but can be the people you least expect. When I read Kemunto’s story I can only imagine what she went through but sincerely hope that she will get justice.

It is high time we respect someone else’s decision. When a girl says no leave her alone we are all past the playing hard to get stage. It has reached a point where someone can genuinely try to be courteous but be put off because of the current incidences. Girls have constantly been told don’t go here, walk in groups and dress in a certain way for ages. What are guys being told to do? There are good guys out there who are our friends, walk us back home in the evening when it’s late and make sure we are safe but with all that is happening the image of good guys is being tainted. All I can say to the guys is if you know someone who violates or assaults women call him out on it, do not just ignore because you do not know if their next victim might be someone you care about.

On the issue of the rape and assault cases being reported; majority of the cases are never reported and the few that are never get the justice they deserve. It is hard enough to go through such ordeals and needs even more courage to come out about it. For anyone who has even gone through such the healing process takes a while but you have no idea how strong you can be. For those who have reported their stories you have provided a glimpse of hope for other victims.

My final words will be the first point I made, it is not about getting pity but about getting justice.


The girl with the red lipstick.


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  1. I agree with you but you have to look at it in a 3D fashion… You can’t tackle every problem by going straight at it with all your might…look at what causes thr problem, is it drug use? Inappropriate dressing? Tackle those first…. Raising awareness will not stop a confused drug ridden perv from doing the heinous act, that is just part of the solution, my opinion: find the causes, solve those and you’ll have a permanent solution

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