Baby steps, I am getting there.

I still cannot believe we are in the fourth month of the year. I feel inadequate in some aspects but I have learnt a lot more in the past few months. It’s like when your busy time just flies and you find yourself in a different position. There are a few lessons I have learnt and it has not been easy. There are days I just felt like giving up, days I wanted to throw a glass on the wall and some where I just wanted to go home. I am not saying that it was all bad but there was a lesson in each and every reaction.

The first one is staying in your own lane. Even as I am writing this I am still learning to accept the fact that whichever route I take it will be in my lane. The small milestones that I achieve are moving me a step forward and that is most important thing. I like seeing results but I have learnt that everything is a work in progress and if I do not appreciate the small steps the result might just be something I will tick off a to do list.

Owning your story. This has made me have a different perspective on who I am as a person. I have reached a point where I can own the decisions I have made and accept my mistakes but also that I can do better. It also gives you a self-confidence I don’t know how to explain that but I know people pick up on it.

Not getting worked up about things. My life revolved around getting worked about things; this has not been done, the deadline is tomorrow, I am late, I have not started something or a certain obstacle just appears. I was stressed out but a good friend of mine has pushed me to see past the hill. These days I just take it a day a time and do my best. I now feel settled and calm so if something does not happen or is cut short I find something else to cover for it.

You cannot please everyone. Steve Jobs once said, “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream.” I respect people in leadership positions because it is not an easy task , people only see the side where you convey the information and give directions but never think about the negotiations that happen behind closed doors. Leadership has pushed all my buttons (haha) this might be one of those challenges that has a lesson in it every single day. I have mentioned before that I am a shy person but having this role is  forcing me out of that shell, it has also shown me how difficult people can be but the greatest take away for me react with no reaction. People make noise, send hateful comments, and want to be in your business but no response makes a greater statement.

Your journey is an inspiration to someone else. I noticed that even a ten minute conversation can inspire someone to be better. I have met people who would tell me weeks later about a statement I made that changed their perspective. Funny thing is sometimes you might be giving advice to yourself and it helps another person. I read some stories and get excited because I am like even you had the same challenges and made it  I can do it .(haha)

Growth comes from being uncomfortable. There are so many changes I have gone through until I start wondering why can’t things remain the same , it was working out just fine and the weeks later I discover that I learnt something new or exceeded my own expectations .

What have you learnt so far?


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