My experience living alone.

Did you ever have that teenage phase of I just want to get my own place?  Well, getting your own place is one thing and adjusting to it is another. I can’t say I moved out voluntarily but life happened. Moving into hostels is not a big deal everything is free except food. You get a random roommate and learn how to live with each other but guys when you decide to live outside the responsibilities just pile up.

When I decided to get my own place there were so many options but for me security was at the top. In my campus when you live outside it’s not their responsibility if anything happens which I usually feel makes no sense because anytime there has been an incident the headline is Moi University student.They don’t care where you live or what you do that is the tag you are given. Despite having many options it is very hard to find a vacant place because people do not move out; if I am renting a place and have to go for my break I just rent it out to someone for the months I will be away but I still remain the known tenant. Luckily my friend was able to get me a place where she was staying. In the hostel they give you a mattress, curtain and dustbin but when you are looking for a rental a bed is like the basic, some give you a desk and chair and fitted wardrobe. (The price increases depending on what is offered)

I now have a place it’s time to start furnishing it. At some point I thought of everything that was at home then you narrow down to the things that a single person can use. This followed by deciding the arrangement of the place which side should the bed face, do I want my desk next to the window etc. I remember moving everything so many times till I found a layout I liked. Unpacking and arranging stuff was the most annoying step for me when it was finally over I just thought to myself “I am never moving till I finish school.” ( I still moved) Next comes the responsibilities: rent to be paid monthly, electricity bill, you need to buy gas and foodstuff. At first electricity was a flat rate so if you wanted to shower for an hour, use an electric cooker go right ahead until prepaid meters were introduced and everyone became conscious. The electricity bill is not so high when you live alone depending in the appliances you have, my friend spends sh 500 and it can last for two months, another thing that lasts is gas maybe a semester and a few months on top. We do not have water bills because most places have wells as a source of water.

The perks of living alone is nobody asks you anything (haha). Walk out at 6 am come back at 11 pm, pile up your dishes, cook once in a blue moon it is all up to you. If you get used to this life and go back home it takes a while to adjust. You learn how to manage a household, I know it’s for one person but its good practise. Think about it you have to shop for food stuff and cleaning supplies, groceries etc. You learn how to deal with neighbours. I have had all sorts of neighbours from noisy ones, to rowdy ones then the ones who are never there. If it happens that your friends are your neighbours it is so much fun; it is very hard to get bored because you just walk to their place, they are the first stop you think about when you need an egg ask before you decide whether you want to go to the shop, don’t feel like cooking ask them count you in their meal among others. You also learn a lot about yourself; experiment with cooking, some interior design and also entertain yourself.

So far, so good for me. There are lonely days , days when you don’t feel like paying the electricity so your start rationing your usage ,days when you will only wash dishes after using all of them up and days you survive on leftovers because you are lazy but hungry. All that is part of the experience.


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