Change of plans.

Sometime back a friend of mine sent me an article with activities you can do during the lecturers strike and guys I don’t know about you but I can only entertain myself for a limited amount of time. From the activities listed there was one I really focused on and put so much effort and  that was finishing my research but that did not happen and I have been forced to move on to the next activity.

I tend to be rigid when it comes to my schedule . Things have to be done at a certain time and in a certain way but this month I have learnt that I have no control over some situations and I do not have to put myself down every time that happens. I remember being so frustrated and angry , I pushed for like a week and then I quit ( I will get back to what I was doing but later) but at that moment I knew I just had to accept that I had done my part. I would think about how it seemed like I was the only one putting effort while guys are on holiday.

” If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.” – Anonymous

After reading this quote I changed my mindset and was like you know what I can find other things to do and I decided to give some opportunities a chance. My excuse was always I can’t commit because the strike might end anytime but I signed up for any event I could attend ,give myself some exposure. I am currently learning two skills and I am enjoying it. When I look back I wish I started earlier and was not so stressed out .

Another lesson has been to take it a day at a time . I will do my best and what I can but if I do not achieve something better luck tomorrow. A friend of mine lives by that statement and sometimes I ask myself why can’t I be like him so chilled and laid back but we cannot all be the same. These days I wake up sit down and have breakfast not rush and I take time to read a novel  or walk without earphones and enjoy the scenery.

Lastly, I am pushing myself out of the comfort zone. I am a shy person but I am placing myself in situations that will force me to interact with others. I like wearing dark colours but I can try a bright colour. The exposure is making me realize how you can indirectly deny yourself things that you would enjoy . Like I said I find it hard to continuously entertain myself but so far so good. I have still managed to be productive. The only thing I still have not figured out is how to get myself to participate in more outdoor activities so I am accepting any recommendations.


The girl with the red lipstick.

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