Why I rarely wear dresses.

I have been looking for a few pieces to add to my wardrobe and of course jeans are at the top of the list . However , I want to try something different which would be to add more colour yellow maybe ,add more skirts or dresses and some cute tops. When I was looking through my closet I have dresses but I rarely wear them unless it is a special occasion. I even looked for pictures and I have less than ten.

Jeans are just comfortable I don’t have to think whether the wind will blow it up and my legs don’t feel cold. ( Have you seen those memes of that one friend who is always cold? That’s me ) I think if the sun is out and scorching I would wear dresses everyday.The major reason might actually be an insecurity.I feel when your wear jeans people don’t stare as much as when you wear a dress.( maybe it’s just me) So maybe I avoid the attention or is all that in my head?

Sometime back when I was preparing for a presentation and everyone just kept telling me how I had to wear a dress or skirt because that is the norm. For a minute I thought I could change that narrative and wear some official pants and a blazer but I was not going to risk so I had to conform. I started thinking of where to buy a skirt or dress , the type of cut , the colour etc…. Another problem I usually have is when you look at it on a mannequin it long enough but I when I wear it , it comes up. So I tried one the length was appropriate , I liked the colour and I bought it. The morning of the presentation I had no idea whether I gained weight or my hips were lying because it was an inch above where it was when I bought it .

I know I told you I am known because of the red lipstick but there was this white dress I once wore. I have to admit I looked good in that dress. I am having a conversation with some guys and one of them is said,” You should wear that flowered white dress again where did it go? ” This is a 2018 conversation about a dress I wore in 2015.( it still fits btw) From this examples you can already tell how rare the events are and how people notice when I actually wear dresses.

I am trying to wear dresses more often even though there is a chance I am wearing one because I have not done my laundry and those are the only clean clothes. ( It happens so many times) I am also learning to be confident in my body ( my friends will be like you have a good body what are you saying)  but I need to stop freaking out when it fits and  carves  my body.  It being a rare event ,I like my dresses short so that I can also see my legs once in a while.( haha)

I hope I will be adding more dresses in my wardrobe and wearing them more often.


The girl in the red lipstick.

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