Focusing on what I can do.

The second quarter of the year started already and I hope your first quarter was successful . There are a few things that I wished I would have achieved but didn’t happen like May would have been my last month in campus but with everything going on I still have a few more months and no idea when I will begin a countdown . That is out of my control so I will focus on what I can do.

I have realized there is so much to learn and skills to polish. As I was practising some of the skills I couldn’t believe how I doubted myself two months ago. It is one of those things I was always like other people can do but when will I learn. My plan was to start learning after I finish school but now that I have had time on my hands I decided to start and it has been a process that I am enjoying.

I have also been trying to be as productive as possible so I downloaded an app called AppBlock which basically allows me to mute social media for some hours.If I try open a message pops up telling you to stop trying open the application and be productive. I know some people who just switch off their data or wi-fi and can work but I need internet to work so the app is the best option. It is actually very useful because I can sit for four hours and just concentrate on my work .

I feel like I have so many stories but let’s jump into taking stock .

Thankful: for my journey, it has given me so many lessons and taught me how to rise above any situation.

Drinking : Water….. I have to bottles in front of me on with hot water the other with warm. At some point I will mix the two.

Reading: The Things Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I am trying to challenge myself to finish this book by Sunday.

Eating: fruits and hoping my skin will notice that I am trying to eat clean.

Wishing: The sun would come out for a whole day and I would not need to have a jacket and umbrella in my bag.

Enjoying: managing my own time.

Wondering: If I should get a branded mug or water bottle. What do you think?

Noticing: how looking at the bright side of things makes life better.

Realizing: that my sanity is far more important than anything stressful that comes my way.

Accepting: You don’t have to please everyone and not everyone will like you . That is ok.

I hope you are having an amazing week and that all your wishes for this Month will be fulfilled.


The girl in the red lipstick.

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