Things you need to know about engineering students.

The perception around people who do engineering are so many and mostly myths. I have mentioned before that when I meet people and tell them that I do civil engineering half of them don’t believe me. The few who do will make statements like you’re the people who actually went to campus to do something, you must have scored an A , you’re a genius. The list is endless but I feel like engineering students are normal people with the same student struggles. I came up with a list of things people have asked me or comments that have been made and I will tell you if it is true, false or 50/50.

  1. Engineers are always reading. 50/50, keeping up with books is inevitable but it is scheduled and some even read the night before and sit for CATs the next day. Engineering students know how to pull all nighters. I remember there was a paper I had and only slept for two hours the night before.
  2. Most engineering students are drunkards.50/50 This is controversial because everyone looks for an outlet to blow off steam. When I meet my friends from other faculties they are always mentioning how engineering students are always the majority in the club and buying drinks for the ladies. However, if you’re not into that scene you mostly likely strong in your Faith and beliefs.
  3. People who do engineering are the ones who got A’s. True, in our system you have to get the required cut off points. Though it’s sad that African society dictates that if you get an A you either do medicine or engineering something like that yet some people have other passions they would want to pursue. Just think about it how many engineering student leave campus and practise ? Most of them work in banks so all of you doing accounting engineers are stealing your jobs.
  4. Engineers are well paid after they clear campus. 50/50 The truth is you have to start from the bottom because engineering is more about the experience however, if you are street smart things can work out.
  5. Engineers aren’t creative. False, never believe this one. I think they do not explore it as much but I know engineering students who play instruments and are good writers. They just need to explore.
  6. Engineers are bad at communication. True, In a field that involves you doing calculations to prove a fact sometimes you would not see a need to say something. I mean the last equation usually has the final verdict.
  7. Engineers don’t have fun. False.They are usually more stressed so when they get a chance to just chill they tend to take advantage so I believe they know how to have fun.We have annual dinners and get a chance to play dress up.
  8. Engineering students hate theory.50/50 The guys hate it but some ladies like it me included. When your taking an elective most people will go with the one that has more math and fewer words because once you know the formula you can find your way around it. The theory is usually bulky but if you are good at cramming it can be an easy way out.
  9. The ladies who do engineering are not attractive. Have you seen me? ( haha) Anyway this is false just walk in to the engineering department in your school and survey you will be shocked because there are gems hiding in that school.
  10. The ladies who study engineering tend to leave the profession. True. I don’t know why though. I once went through the list of registered engineers on the Engineering Board of Kenya and the number of women are few. This applies even for those who become professors but there is an association for African Women in Science and Engineering that is trying to encourage the ladies to strive for more.

Engineering students are normal people just have a lot of critical thinking to do. If you meet someone who does engineering maybe now you have a different perception.


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