DIY: Vision board and work space

The one spot I am obsessed with is my work space because I feel that I actually made an effort to create. I am always seated at that table eating, reading and watching. Am I the only person who ends up falling asleep if I watch something while I am seated on the bed? When I seat on that desk I feel like I can be more productive.

I thought I could share the inspiration behind the whole thing. I didn’t spend any money but used items that I had. The basic is a chair and the table. The table is wide and I can store or stack a number of things on it but I prefer leaving a few items on it to avoid clutter. Initially I had a mirror on it but then I would have to move all the products I have to use when I am getting ready and it always looked messy so I found a spot for it somewhere else.

I had always wanted to make a vision board. I remember browsing through Pinterest looking for ideas but getting the material was always a challenge. I saw people using manilla paper but I don’t like the colours that manilla paper comes in. I thought of getting soft board but the idea of nailing it on the wall and I am only renting my place, I just wanted to avoid any issues. The one I was interested in was the wire mesh frame then you peg the pictures. I looked for one but no luck then I remembered that I initially had the portable closets but during my move one piece got damaged and I was not willing to invest in another one but I kept the wire rack shelves. I took the biggest size and used it as a frame.

There are so many things you can put up on the vision board so I went with goals, inspiration, and a few of my favourite verses. I got all the printable from Pinterest and glued them on the rack. I have placed it at the centre of the table. Above it I have put pictures of myself that I love. On the left side I have a stack of notebooks and my Bible. These are items that I reach out for often so it was better to have them nearer. My laptop is always on the table and I have a container with coins and that is it. I try to clear the table before I start working to give myself a peace of mind. I know some people prefer the library or lecture halls but I feel comfortable working at my place.

When I started putting everything together I wanted to add a reading lamp or a candle. A vase with a succulent plant basically all those ideas you see on Pinterest but maybe I will do that after student life. It was a small project that allowed me to be a little creative.


The girl with the red lipstick.


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