We finally have a mall in Eldoret.

I have lived in Eldoret for almost five years and every time I went for holiday and came back everything was the same no new restaurants even products you wish would now be on the shelves in the supermarket nothing. I had already adapted to buying some of the things that are not in Eldoret in Nairobi and just come with them but it has always been more luggage. Hair products have been the hardest to find but now it looks like things are changing. Rupa mall seems to be changing the game in Eldoret time with Java and KFC opening branches there more companies are seemingly more open to venturing into the town. One thing I was not sure about was the reception that people would have about the place because they would just go to their regular joint but it seems they also want different experiences.

The one store that really excited me was Chandarana. The normal supermarkets Tuskys, Naivas and Nakumatt (before closure) are here. If I was looking for aloe vera juice and didn’t find it in Nakumatt then it is not available in the whole of Eldoret.Chandarana seems to have filled Nakumatt’s spot and come with so much more product. I remember the first time I walked into their store and saw a whole shelf of Natural hair products my first thought was I don’t have to carry them from Eldoret anymore but when I saw the prices (too overrated) so I guess I am still carrying those. People say it is more expensive but I compared my bill from Tuskys and Chandarana buying the same household items and it was more or less the same.

I love good customer service which you can find easily around here. I remember the day I left my wallet in Chandarana. It took me a while to notice until I entered Java and started ordering some food. The only thing I could think about is how ID’s are usually put on notice boards or on the windows of shops until the owner comes for it but when I figured out where I had left it and went back, the guy who had packed my things and lady at customer service saw me and knew. The guy even told me how he went round the parking lot trying to find me. As I was leaving the guards were just asking me if everything was intact. Thank God there are no thieves in Eldoret. (You leave something somewhere and they always put it aside until you come for it)

When it comes restaurants Java and KFC are pretty much the same as any other branch you would visit anywhere in the country. I wish more restaurants would open up, I know Bakers Point is opening a branch there but when it comes to pastries it’s the best place to go but in terms of food I feel like it’s not worth it. I have visited most of them and know almost all the servers in Java so I need a new place to try out.

The mall is not fully occupied yet but the stores that are currently open include Goodlife Pharmacy, Dr. Mattress, Bata, Optica, Healthy U, Vivo and Zaika lounge. Rupa mall does not have the typical layout of malls I have seen like a food court area, stores and supermarket. The thing that disturbs me is the supermarket is on the first floor which can be accessed via stairs, lift and escalator. If you imagine how hectic shopping is on Sundays because many people do it after church then you have a trolley full of items you would have to wait for the lift.

I have no idea why they did not open sooner but it at least gives me that feeling of there will be a new store opening in Eldoret. Another thing I really want to see is if some of those stores will be open on Sunday.


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