Where I could have been vs where I am now.

Hello June, So we are practically halfway through the year and to be honest I thought I would be on holiday chilling and basking in the sun. If everything went on as planned I would have been done with campus. My plan was to take a break and explore a few travel destinations but I am currently in school. At some point I was frustrated because of the setback but adulting is proving to be hard so I think I needed a few more months before I dive into a new season in life.

Nothing much has changed though, I am trying out some new things but overall I am enjoying the final semester. It has been three weeks and at some point I thought I was going to go crazy because thing were not working out but I had a conversation with someone and realized it all passes. I don’t know about you but when I am so frustrated I just look for someone to talk to and it makes things easier. I will give you a small update on what has been going on.

Lifestyle. Can we just start with I quit taking coffee, it has been a month now but my schedule is not as intense yet so I might incorporate when work load increases. I discovered meal preps, every time I heard about it I always thought it was for dieting but I want to have healthy eating habits. One of the problems has been I rarely take lunch or if I do I buy cookies or bhajia mostly snacking so I have decided to try it out and see if it will make a difference for me hopefully because the meals will be ready and I will just need to warm it up.

I was into natural hair last year but I have decided to focus on skin care this year. I am trying different DIY scrubs and just having a routine. There was a week I was just drinking beetroot juice thinking my skin would notice the effort I was making and ended up having breakouts.What I can say is aloe vera and grape seed oil are currently my go to products. I have also been decluttering my closet. I am those people who have stack of clothes and chances are I have not worn most of the pieces for almost three months. I am hoping I will not buy more clothes and work with what I have.

Engineering. I will always have something to complain about when it comes to this. I don’t know how it works in other schools but the point of having electives is so that you pick what interests you but half the time it comes down to which one is easy to pass. I thought I had to choose from six electives and would be able to walk into the class get a feel and then decide but the choices came down to four and I need to do three honestly I was not being given options. I have already selected the three but I wanted to choose from six not four. The semester is a bit mixed up I have a defence coming up and I hate presentations. If I could be given a chance to opt out I would. Talking in front of people is a problem and then not knowing what kind of questions you will be asked. I have heard people saying there is one lecturer who comes with a tab loaded with data bundles when you say something he is not familiar with he will google raise his hand and ask a question.I am already feeling tense.

Inspiration. I am currently not reading any book but I have been enjoying poetry. Once in a while I listen to TED talks or read stories online. I love looking through quotes on Pinterest and saving them. Sometimes I just come across one that speaks about what I am going through and it feels so good.That is all from me.

Happy New Month.


The girl with the red lipstick.



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