I found a new home.

I recently went out with my friends and after having a nice time one of them said let’s go home, then it hit me we are now referring to Eldoret as home. In the past I would just say let’s go to school but I might be attached to Eldoret now. I love Nairobi and how fast things run but usually when I go two weeks are enough and I start planning to go back to Eldoret.

Nairobi has luxuries compared to what I have to deal with now. If you want to have ice cream you go to the supermarket, you can decide to go out for lunch etc. it is very easy to access so many things. If I want access to such it is an hour to get to Eldoret town. The thought of having to sit for that long makes you think twice about how badly you want such stuff. Another thing is you appreciate having tarmac roads because with the rains ,wellington boots are best pair of shoes to have because ain’t nobody got time to get stuck in the mud and have to clean the shoes after.

I had been in Nairobi for a month and I went to all the new stores, tried out different restaurants and started stocking up on things I would need to travel back. It has been two weeks since I came back to Eldoret and I was just excited to be back to my place. I missed knocking on my neighbours’ door just to go make noise and my friend is learning to make chapati every time she is cooking them I always go for my share (haha).

Life is pretty simple; you walk to most of your destinations or take a motorbike. On your way to class you will pass pigs, donkeys and cows. The simplicity makes things look easier. The weather however makes you lose psych to do anything. We do not have floods but it gets muddy and very cold. I know a few people who never leave the house once the weather changes. People are becoming innovative and offering door to door services, some sell fruits others potatoes but the most common is mayai smokie. The only thing I have against some of them is they knock as if they are the landlord.

It feels good to be back to class and work has already started piling up. I have so much reading to do but at least I made sure I visited people and places before things got hectic. I might have looked down on this place but there are moments I really appreciate being here.

Love ,

The girl in the red lipstick.

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