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Hey guys, Today was my first seminar and I had mentioned in an earlier post how I was already freaking out. Let me tell you what happened, honestly I really wanted it to be postponed because I was not confident at the time. You have no idea how I was waiting for that please tell your classmates the seminar has been postpone text. (I am the classrep) While I was waiting for it to bounce I was preparing the slides and just trying to ensure I have the material for presentation. I still felt inadequate especially when I compared my progress with others (yes sometimes I end up comparing).

As days went by it slowly dawned on me that the presentation is happening I had to start recollecting myself. Can you imagine one of the things that was disturbing me was what will I wear? Funny thing is I only had one option. So I tried it on, on Monday trying to convince myself it could work. In between I was looking at my slides and making a few changes. This presentation was different because it is a summary of what you had done which I loved because I know all the steps I did. Anyway Tuesday night I started panicking and I honestly thought this time I would be calm and collected.

Wednesday morning I rehearsed for a while and decided to start reading on how to make a good presentation. (I needed the distraction) So I came across Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule which basically means that in a presentation rushing through to finish is not the only thing to consider but it can be judged as 7% spoken words,38% voice tone,55% body language. The one thing that was pointed out to my colleagues about the first presentation was obviously I had crammed because I didn’t look at the slides. For the first one I had my friends come over and listen to me present so I even knew how long I would take to finish. This time I really wanted to connect with my audience which was the panel and not really explain the slides word for word because I had crammed.

It was time for the seminar to start and my registration number is among the first so I am usually among the first to present but we were split into two groups and it meant I would be first but I was relieved when there was a group ahead of me. It was time to present and I tried to engage my audience but I feel like there are types of people in a panel I would have to explain that in another post though. My anxiety disappeared after a five-minute presentation. (Really Denise you put yourself through so much for a five-minute presentation???)

Overall I thought the approach of the panel was different. They actually offered direction and advice as opposed to putting people down. I feel you learn more when correction is delivered differently. I also learnt a lot from what my colleagues presented and it was a good day.

There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars.” 

– Mark Twain, American author and humorist

Which type of speaker are you? You can check out  for tips on how to prepare for a presentation.


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