June Confessions

Hey guys, it is a new month and the last half of the year has started. June was an alright month, the school work has just been piling but I am glad I have gotten a few things out of the way. I hope you checked out the project presentation post because that was the one thing I wanted out of the way so that I feel relaxed. So here are a few things I incorporated in the month of June.

Meal prep. I thought it was about dieting and portions then after my research it was basically prepping meals so that it is easier to cook. I used to do that before but I was not cooking so I opted to try to cook my meals for the week in advance which is usually on Sunday. I would just make rice and store it. For things like veggies I prefer making them when I want to eat. I have been doing meal prep for a month and it made my life so much easier. Every time I thought of buying fries I would just tell myself you have githeri in the house. It was hard to just eat healthy and there are days I would just eat junk. Overall I rarely miss any of my meals which has had a good effect on me in terms of health. I tried out some recipes from kaneskitchenaffairs.com so you can also get ideas.

Project. I hope you checked out the video of a basic day in the lab. I was in the lab three times a week. Any free time I had I was there because I really wanted to complete lab work by the end of June and I am glad a big chunk of the manual labour is over. Let me not lie the only reason I wanted to finish apart from free time was to get my nails done. I was always touching cement and other material so it never made sense to get my nails done. I already have a post about how the presentation went so check it out.

Taking a break. I hoped I could get the weekend to just chill but that did not happen so I will have to find time in July to do that. I don’t know about you but I can stay in the house once I have fully stocked up. I just wear my robe, put on a mask, do my nails and experiment with new recipes. Just a laid back type of weekend is all I want.

Peace. There was a point where I was overwhelmed by school work and administrative duties. I felt like things were not going how they were supposed but I feel like it was better they didn’t go as planned. So just taking it a day at a time.

I am hoping to visit a few places in Eldoret this month. It has been raining every single day. If you plan for something it has to be done morning hours. July is my last month so I have to make it work and explore this town. I am praying the weather will be in my favor.

Happy new month.


The girl with the red lipstick.


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  1. your so organised so to say ….the efforts you are putting to make every aspect o f your life works out,is indescribable(if that word exist)….am challenged

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