What’s next?

Hey guys, so now that it is a month to finishing campus there is a list of questions that I have been getting and I don’t know if any of you were asked some of them or are being asked but here goes…When are you graduating? Have you applied for jobs? Which field do you think you are comfortable in? Have you thought about further studies? What are your plans? These are the common ones that I usually have to answer in two or three conversations that I have. For the first question, I am in a public university and the way things have been going I am just praying I graduate this year.

Apart from all the questions I have been thinking about what is next. There is the hope that you finish school and get a job and start life. This is like the basic dream but I have had so many things in mind and I still keep changing what I feel is next. We have this lecturer who keeps trying to encourage guys to go for higher learning like masters and PhD in engineering as if undergraduate has not been hard enough. I considered going to do my masters and all like I was into being a scholar but I also want experience in the field and maybe get the title engineer.I have very few examples of people juggling both because either way one preceded the other.

So you have all your hopes on one side then there is reality. We have to be honest with ourselves. The job market in Kenya is very competitive some people get jobs right from campus or while they are in campus others will be tarmacking for months before their big break. I feel like there are so many opportunities out there it might not come with your full list of demands like starting salary of 70K or working in a specific department. There are so many decisions to make as you start out and writing this is already make me feel like there are tough decisions ahead.

One thing is for sure things will work out when the time comes. So till then let me enjoy this one or two months left while trying to gather my thoughts on what is next and what will be required from me then.


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