Should I do it?

Have you ever been in a position where everyone sees your potential apart from you? I was in a situation where three people said the exact same thing. This was in three different places and said by people who have never met each other. I think what bothered me most was what if I don’t give it a shot and I can actually do it. I was bothered for some time then I started justifying why I can’t do it.

Self-doubt is the worst, two months later I was still weighing the options. I love going through Pinterest then I came across those quotes of start now. I always thought this is being said by someone who has already made it but I decided to give it a try. I can confidently tell you start now (haha). It was not easy though. What the three people said was I should try taking videos. The first trial failed, I had thought everything through but my day didn’t cooperate. I decided to give it another chance which was not bad but I couldn’t speak. I could show what I was doing but no words were coming out. (It is a struggle) I just kept thinking my voice will not sound good. I was making this assumption yet I had not tried it at all. I took a break for a while because I was convinced my voice was not good.One day as I was going to church I decided to take a short clip and say a few words. I did it like I was used to it and when I replayed it I suddenly fell in love with my voice.( Really Denise🙄) That is me . I replayed it trying to look for a flaw and didn’t get any. Now that I felt good about my voice I decided to try to take clips throughout the day and talk. It was not as hard as I thought but I am still shy and learning a few things. My self-doubt is not over yet, I have managed to take the clips☑, I have managed to talk☑, I have learnt to edit ☑.If that is not dedication I don’t know what is but why are the edited videos just filling up space on my devices. I cannot get myself to publish them is the obstacle I am currently trying to jump. A friend of mine saw one of the videos and asked me is this on YouTube? And I said I don’t have the courage. His response what do you mean? Just post it what is the worst that can happen? I tried to justify myself but we all know what I said was not valid. (Issa lie)I am at the I cannot get myself to publish phase and I want to move to the just do it phase. This post will help me do that. It was a long story but I don’t know what might be holding you back to start something new or move to the next phase. We all struggle to reach a certain point so it might not be like mine but baby steps and you will get there. So I will upload the video not on YouTube though and challenge you to do that one thing that you have been afraid of. Let us do this together.

The link to the video.

The girl with the red lipstick.




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