Season of Shedding

It has been a minute but I am back. August might just be the most significant month for me this year. It will mark the end 8-4-5 in terms of education. I have been so busy finalizing things, people are saying goodbye and wishing you good luck in future endeavours.

Besides all that I feel that it will be a time to move on from a few things. You know how you only meet some people because you have been sharing lectures for the past five years but the minute you are done you never even think of talking to them, that is me. I will not lie there are some WhatsApp groups I cannot wait to exit once I am done and not in a bad way because that part of my life or responsibility will be over. A while back I just had a bad day and the one thing I did not want was for it to affect my entire week. It was not as easy as I thought, everyone else was moving on with life but it just kept popping up for me. I had to tell myself that my life has to move on which I eventually did a day later.

I was having a conversation with my aunt which inspired this post. She explained to me how each season of your life has meaning. There are experiences that were to teach you something or help you understand different aspects. Some experiences are to last a lifetime but apart from looking at what you have learnt or how far you have come there are a few things we often neglect. Have you ever thought about things that you need to leave behind? As you move from one season to the next there are habits you would want to stop, relationships that were not beneficial basically breaking a bad cycle. It can be possible for some things to follow you in your next season but the root cause was not dealt with. When I do my personal reflection I have both sides; things to carry on and things to let go.

I don’t know which season you are in right now but maybe you can reflect on a few things and regroup. If you might be starting a new season like me you can try tie all the loose ends on the current season before moving onto the next. Just like deciduous trees that shed off their leaves because they are unnecessary in a certain season, it might be time to shed off some things yourself. Finally I will pass on some words that she told me, “As the season will not come again .Any connection meant for your next level should continue. Any connections not meant for your next level should not continue.”


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